Fan Dipole

Full-Size Fan dipoles are multi dipoles that are fed with a common feed point. The full-size dipoles are spread out like a fan, hence the name Fan Dipole. A good example of a Full-Size Fan Dipole is a full-size 40- and a full-size 80-meter dipole on a common feed. You will have a full-size 80 dipole in a flat dipole configuration. Tied to the same center insulator (feed point with a SO-239 for direct coax connection) will also be a full size 40-meter inverted vee. There are no coils or traps to deal with. Only one center support is needed and only one coax is used to feed this antenna. The RF for the 40-meter band will go to the 40-meter dipole and the RF for the 80-meter band will go to the 80-meter dipole. No antenna switches are needed, the RF knows where to go. Just change bands on the radio from 40 to 80 meters and transmit.

A shortened Fan Dipole is a dual-band dipole with a full-size dipole also tied to the same center insulator. A good example of this would be a standard 40- and 160-meter dual-band dipole (2B4016) and an 80-meter full-size dipole in an inverted vee configuration with the same common feed point. This package will give you the same band coverage as a full-size 40-meter dipole, a full-size 80-meter dipole, and a shortened 160-meter dipole. Again only one coax is needed to feed this antenna.

If you order an antenna and would like a balun installed on your new antenna,

we can do that for your at no extra LABOR charge.

Baluns keep the RF off of the outside shield of the coax and put it on the antenna, where it belongs!

Full Size Fan Dipole:

Baluns are optional.

Shortened Fan Dipoles:

Baluns are optional.

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