Description of Antennas

True Off Center Fed Antennas:

The true off center fed antenna is one of the most efficient and effective coaxial fed multi-band antennas on the market. Our models use a 4:1 Guanella current balun that stops the RF from coming back to the station via the outside of the shield of the transmission line. That means no stray RF floating around the shack creating numerous issues with your electronic gear. No antenna switch is required for changing bands. Going from band to band is as simple as pushing one button on your radio.

Three Band Dipole Series:

We have six three band antenna models available, not including the broad band TRI series. They are the 3B series listed on our ordering form. The letter "L" and "S" at the end of the model will tell you if it is the short (S) or long (L) version of that model.

The 3B4016L will cover the entire 40-meter band with a low SWR. It is cut for the 75-meter SSB portion of that band and will operate on the 160-meter band. The 3B4016LC will also cover the entire 40-meter band with a low SWR and is cut for the 80-meter CW portion of that band. It will also operate on the 160-meter band. Both of the above two models offer the broadest bandwidth for this series of antennas. The 3B4016S and 3B4016SC are shorter versions of this series antenna. They are made for the hams that can't fit one of our longer versions on their property. The bandwidth of the shorter models will be a little less than the longer models but they still offer great performance and on their resonant frequencies.

There are two models that cover the 20-, 40-, and 75- or 80-meter bands.

The 3B2075L covers the 75-meter SSB portion of that band and the 3B2080L covers the 80-meter CW portion of that band.

You may not find a need to operate the 160-meter band so this model may be a good choice for you. Both models are around 60 feet long and should fit on most small property lots. With a transmatch, full band coverage is not a problem.

All of the above models have two sets of Hy-performance coils that will handle the legal limit.

Two Band Dipole Series:

We have seven two band antenna models available.

Two models cover the 75-/80- and 160-meter bands. You will have great band coverage on the 75-meter SSB or 80-meter CW portion of that band. The 75-/80-meter sections are full-size dipoles. The coils add loading to the 160-meter portion of those antennas so you will have a limited operating range on that band. With a transmatch, you should be able to cover the entire 75-/80-meter band and also the entire 160-meter band.

The 2B4016S will offer full band coverage on 40 meters and good band coverage on the 160-meter band. By using this model and one of our 75/80 dipoles you will get great performance and maximum bandwidth on the 40- and 75-/80-meter bands. You will also have the pleasure of operating on 160 meters and not have the need to put up a full-size 160-meter dipole.

Two 40- and 80-meter dual band models are available. To put these antennas on 75 meters (SSB) is a simple task. Just a simple trim of the ends of these antennas. There is not too much difference in overall antenna lengths but some hams just can't fit the 90-foot version on their property. The 90-foot version offers the greatest bandwidth on the 75-/80-meter portions. You will get full band coverage on 40 meters.

We make only one 20- and 40-meter dual band model. This is a great antenna for the primary station and small enough to be used for portable operations. This antenna offers a good operating range on both bands. Again, like all of our other models, it will handle the legal limit.

We have one dual band model that covers two of the WARC bands. The 2B1730L covers the 17- and 30-meter bands. It will have full band coverage and handle the legal limit.

All of the above two band models have one set of Hy-performance coils that will handle the legal limit.

Four Band Dipole Series:

We make one four band model that covers most of the widely used ham bands. Its total overall length is only 107 feet from end to end. This is a great performing antenna and is widely used by hams that can only erect one antenna. There are three sets of Hy-performance coils used on this antenna. With the use of a transmatch, full band coverage is not a problem. The model number for this antenna is 4B2016LH.

Three Band Broad Band Dipole Series:

The TRI series offers three full-size independent dipoles in one package. Only one coax is needed to feed this antenna. Full band coverage is available on all three bands with a low SWR across the entire three bands. These antennas have been installed as low as 7 feet above the ground with good results. They are not only great for the primary station but for field day and any other portable use as well. Hook up the rig to the coax, coax to the antenna, and raise the antenna up into position. You are on the air! It's that simple.

The TRI1020 covers the entire 10-, 15-, and 20-meter bands.

The TRIWARC covers 12, 17, and 30 meters.

This is the TRIWARC antenna modified. A six-meter element was added.

This was a special order antenna that was installed at J80WW.

Shortened (Loaded) Dipoles and Loading Coil Packages:

The loading coils, one coil per leg, are placed on the antenna to obtain maximum performance. These special coils are rated for the legal limit. We now make five different loaded dipole packages. Three models are available for the 160-meter band, 82-, 131-, and 170-foot versions. The model numbers are LD1682, LD16131, and LD16170. Don't be fooled by the model that is only 82 feet long, it is a great performer. If possible, try to fit the longer of the models on your property. The longer model offers the greater bandwidth. Lots of people are not on the 160-meter band because of property sizes being too small. Now you have the chance to join the fun on 160 meters.

Sometimes even 75-/80-meter operations are not practical because of small property sizes. Our 73-foot version (Model LD8073) will now offer you a chance to operate on that band.

If you really live on a postage size lot, we also offer a loaded dipole for the 40-meter band which is only 41 feet long. This is model LD4041.

If you want to build your own loaded dipole, we sell the loading coils in packages for all the above-loaded antenna models at a very reasonable price. You supply the wire, end insulators, and center feed point, we will supply you with the coils and easy to follow instructions to make your own shortened antenna.

Full-Size Dipole Packages:

If a simple dipole is all that is needed, let us supply you with completely assembled dipole packages. All you have to do is hoist it up and tie it off. Dipole packages consist of two end insulators, one center insulator with an SO-239 and eye bolt on it, and the proper amount of wire needed. These antennas are cut for the lower end of the bands. If the upper end of the band is the operating range you desire, just take a small length of wire off of the ends of the antenna and put it in service. Instructions are supplied and very easy to follow if needed.

Half Square Antennas:

Get the DX edge!

The Half Square antenna is a great wire antenna for the DX edge. No need for a tower, rotor, and beam to get rare DX or be competitive.

The Half Square antenna is a wire antenna with two vertical radiators fed in phase. One vertical element (1/4 wave) is fed at the top where it is attached to a SO-239. The other side of the SO-239 is attached to a horizontal half wave phasing line and then connected to another vertical element (1/4 wave) aiming down to the ground. So basically what you have is two vertical elements spaced one-half wave apart and fed in phase. This will produce a bidirectional radiation pattern with almost an S unit of gain, compared to a dipole, broadside to the antenna. Seeing as this antenna is fed at the top of the vertical element, the current portion of the antenna is high in the air where it really counts. The antenna is a direct match to a 50-ohm system so there is no need for a matching network.

As with all of our Hy Power antennas, this model will also handle the legal limit and is made with all of our Hy Quality antenna components.

QRP / Low Power / Stealth Antennas:

With QRP / LOW POWER becoming more popular, we have added some nice, small, and compact antennas to our line. They are only rated at 150 watts, not 1500 watts. The standard models are made with the use of 16-gauge insulated wire. Like all of our Hy Power Antennas, we still use all the Hy Quality parts. We use stainless steel electrical hardware, SO-239 on the center insulator and two end insulators are included. All antennas are completely assembled and ready to install.

Delta Loop Antennas:

Get the DX edge!

A full-size Delta Loop, fed in the bottom corner, is a good low angle radiator and is great for working DX. This antenna normally has about a 3 DB gain over a 1/2 wave center fed dipole. The Delta Loop is not only a great transmitting antenna but a low noise receiving antenna. The direction of fire is broadside to the antenna. This means that if the base wire of the antenna goes from north to south, the direction of gain will be east and west.

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