Frequently Asked Questions

A resonant antenna radiates the most RF.

We sell only resonant antennas.

Questions and Suggestions:

Q. My tower is not centered on my property. I have more room in the back of my tower than I do in the front.

A. You have to feed our antennas in the center but you don't have to tie them up in the center. Put an insulator about 15 feet away from the feed point and hang the antenna up from that point.

Q. I want the longer model but I seem to be short about 10 feet of property length. It just won't fit on my lot.

A. Move the end insulators in from the ends and let the remaining wire hang straight down. Make a small 1/2" loop at the ends to prevent corona buildup.

Q. Does the insulation on the antenna wire affect the radiation?

A. No! What the insulation on the antenna wire does do is add longevity to the antenna and also keep it operating at maximum performance. Bare wire corrodes and the corrosion cuts down on the antenna's performance. Insulation helps prevent this from happening.

Q. Do I need an antenna tuner to use this antenna?

A. If you operate any of our antennas on their design frequencies, you should have no need for any type of tuner. On the lower frequencies, such as 80 and 160 meters, you will need a tuner if you want to operate the entire band. Even if you installed a full-size dipole for those bands, you would need a tuner to operate the entire band.

Q. Can I feed these antennas with open wire feeders?

A. Yes! Open wire feeder is a very low loss feed system. The only problem with open wire feeders is the fact that they are hard to work with. If you want to feed our antenna(s) with open wire feeders, let us know when ordering one and we will have the center insulator set up for it.

Q. Can I use your antennas on other bands that they are not designed to operate on?

A. Yes, you can, but you won't get maximum performance out of it. Our competitors say that their antennas will load on all bands with the use of a tuner. With a good tuner, a 32-foot length of wire will load on all bands but it won't perform very well on all bands. This is a very misleading statement. If you want maximum performance out of an antenna, any antenna, operate it on its design frequency or frequencies.

Q. I can't put up an inverted vee or flat dipole. Does the antenna have to be in a straight line?

A. Don't worry about getting the antenna in a straight line if this can't be done. Unless you have your antenna up about 1/2 wavelength or more, your pattern will be skewed anyway. Zig-zag the wire any way you can to get it up. Just get the wire up in the air and away from as many objects as you can.

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