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Loaded (Shortened) Dipoles:

If ordering multiple items, such as a dipole with a balun installed or two antennas,

please call or email us for an adjusted shipping rate.

Dipoles DO NOT come through with baluns installed, they are optional.

Only the OCF series antennas come through with baluns installed.

If you order an antenna and would like a balun installed on your new antenna,

we can do that for your at no extra LABOR charge. Email or call us for an adjusted shipping charge.

Baluns keep the RF off of the outside shield of the coax and puts it on the antenna, where it belongs!

Shortened 40 meter dipole shown with OPTIONAL "BL 10-160-5KW" Balun.

Full-Size Dipoles:

Baluns are optional.

Multi-Band Dipoles:

Baluns are optional.

Loading coils for a 131 foot long 160 meter antenna.

Note the stainless electrical hardware.

Loading Coils (two per package):

The coils packages come complete with instructions for wire lengths and coil placement.

Tri-band/Broadband Series:

Baluns are optional.

Suggested balun: BL 10-160-5KW

Note: The TRI series antennas do not use any coils. They use three complete dipoles in one package. Spreaders are used to hold them together in one neat package.

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