Yagi Beam Balun

Model: BL 10-160-5KW-B

High Power HF Yagi Balun


This is a 1:1 current/choke balun with a SO-239 connector for coupling your coax.

The balun is meant to be mounted horizontally on the boom of the yagi. Two each UV mounting ties are included.

These are very efficient baluns and use less lossy ferrite than most other baluns on the market today. Less losses means less heat on the ferrite material, less chance for balun failure and more power delivered to the antenna.

The power handling capability of this balun is phenomenal. It is conservatively rated at 8 KW on 160 meters, 5 KW from 80 to 10 meters and 3 KW on 6 meters. These ratings are good for up to 2 to 1 SWR.

The MIL-SPEC transmission line used to make the balun uses: silver clad copper center conductor, silver covered shield, solid Teflon dielectric with a voltage rating of 1900 rms volts and temperature range of -55 to +200 degrees centigrade.

The balun is enclosed in UV rated material. The hardware is stainless steel so NO RUST! There are also three drain holes on the bottom of the enclosure should any water migrate its way inside the enclosure.