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Here are just a few of our products.

80 Meter Off Center Fed Antenna with the majority of the antenna wire wound up below the sides of a 5KW Guanella current balun sitting on a table

Our Off Center Fed antennas are our PREMIER ANTENNAS.
They are efficient, effective, and cover numerous bands.
The OCF160 covers eight bands, the OCF80 covers seven
bands and the OCF40 covers four bands. We also make
QRP/Low Power versions of the 40 and 80 meter OCFs.
These are great antennas for RACES and ARES.

Shortened 40 meter dipole with the majority of the antenna wire wound up next to the sides of an OPTIONAL "BL 10-160-5KW" balun sitting on a table

This is a shortened 40-meter dipole shown with an OPTIONAL 1:1
Current Balun. We use ceramic end insulators and all stainless steel
electrical hardware. A SO-239 is on the center feed insulator or any
of our baluns if you choose to have the OPTIONAL balun installed.

This is a 20-meter shortened QRP dipole.

Like all of our Hy Power dipoles, we use stainless steel
        electrical hardware, ceramic end insulators, and a
SO-239 on the center insulator for connecting coaxial
cable. An OPTIONAL low power current balun is available.

Pair of loading coils lying sideways on a table

Shown is a pair of shortening coils for making a 131 foot long 160-meter 
resonant dipole. We stock numerous versions of coil pairs for making 
shortened dipoles for different bands. All coils use stainless steel hardware.
We only sell mono band coil pairs.

GU 6-160-5KW High Power Guanella 1 to 1 current balun sitting on a table with the front removed to reveal the ferrite core inside

The 5KW Guanella 1:1 current balun is our top of the line balun to be used at the
        feed point of our dipoles. It is built inside of a NEMA enclosure and uses all
        stainless steel hardware. It is water resistant and UV protected.

BL 10-160-5KW High Power 1 to 1 current balun sitting on a table

The BL 10-160-5KW is a beaded balun with more than enough

choking reactance to cover 10 to 160 meters. This is a 1:1 current

balun, uses all stainless steel hardware and is UV rated. A

SO-239 is on the bottom of the balun for hooking up your coaxial


GULI 6-160-5KW High Power line isolator sitting on a table with the front removed to reveal the ferrite core inside

The Guanella Feed line isolator is the product needed to keep the RF
off of the outside of the shield of your coax. An ideal location for this
product is where your transmission line enters your shack. It can be
located inside or outside. It is built in a NEMA, water resistant UV
enclosure. It uses all stainless steel hardware. SO-239s are used on
the inlet and outlet of the line isolator.
We stock two styles of 4:1 Guanella Current Baluns. They are both
electrically the same. The only difference is the mechanical layout.
One is designed to be used at the feed point of the antenna and the
other is usually used at the end of parallel feeders. The "A" model
has three stainless steel eye bolts for attaching a rope to raise the balun
in the air and the other eye bolts are for strain relief of the antenna
wires. The "S" model lacks eye bolts but has two 10-32 machine screws
on the top of the balun for attaching parallel feeders. Pictured is the
GU4-HF-5KW-S balun. Both are built in a water resistant NEMA enclosure.

We also make Fan Dipole arrays. What's nice about a Fan Dipole is you can tune each dipole for
your desired operating frequency per band. Only one coax is needed to feed this type of antenna.
You can have two, three or even four different dipoles tied to the same feed point. Again a balun is
optional but suggested. With or without a balun, these are efficient and effective antennas.

Don't forget to look at our Delta Loop and Half Square antenna web pages. Both the Delta Loop and Half
Square antennas are gain type antennas and offer low angle radiation needed for working those DX long

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