KU3X's Personal Mobile Station

Here is a link to my personal web page and a more informative KU3X/M setup, KU3X / M

KU3X / M

Kenwood TS 480 SAT with a 500 hz CW filter and 100 watts of output power.
Bencher paddles.

The antenna is a dual band hybrid system which consists of the following:
1" x 5' copper mast covered with black shrink tubing.
B&W Hy Q coil with a movable tap for 40 meters (7.180 mhz).
By moving the tap I can go anywhere in the 40 meter band or any frequency from 10 to 40 meters.
The whip on top of the coil is six feet long for a total antenna length of twelve feet which includes the coil form that is 1 foot long.
Under the 40 meter coil is a 20 meter resonator which is mounted at a 45 degree angle. The 20 meter resonator is a modified Hustler 80 meter resonator rewound to resonate on the 20 meter band. This resonator will now cover the entire 20 meter band with an SWR of less than 1.5 to 1. I have provided instructions, on the bottom of this web page, for modifying an 80 meter Hustler Resonator to work on 20 meters.
A matching transformer is located at the base of the antenna to provide a low SWR at the resonant frequencies of the two bands.

Questions or comments can be directed to Barry, KU3X

Hustler Resonator modifing instructions:
First you must aquire a Hustler 80 mobile resonator Remove the shrink tubing and all of the enamel wire from the form. Rewind this form with 37 turns of 14 gauge enamel or bare wire. You can use 14 gauge THHN house wire if you don't have any emanel wire.Replace the shrink tubing and extend the whip to a length of 27 inches. Check the SWR, and adjust the whip for a resonant frequency near the center of the band. You should be able to cover most of the band with a very low SWR. Efficiency of the antenna system will be improved over the standard and the Hustler KW resonator..
Here is my original article that shows how to modify a Hustler Resonator titled, "Hop Up Your Hustler".  This article shows you how to, not only make the 20 meter resoantor, but also give the needed information on how to make a Hy Performance 15 meter resonator.

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